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MapúaWorld 2009

After months of preparation and hard work, the website committee announces with great pleasure and pride that the MapúaWorld 2009 website is finally up and running.

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June 2008 General Meeting and Picnic

TAMA held its general meeting and potluck picnic at George Bush Park last June 8, 2008.

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A Brief History of TAMA

by Jun Dimalaluan

Houston experienced a phenomenal growth in the engineering and construction industry during the 1980’s and a substantial number of engineering and other technical positions required to sustain this growth were filled with graduates of the Mapua Institute of Technology. Some came from various parts of the United States and others, directly from the Philippines. As the influx of Mapua alumni in Houston continued to grow, a few bonded together and conceived the idea of forming an organization that would promote the image of the alumni and the Alma Mater and that would also provide a forum for sharing and enriching their social and professional lives.

This enthusiastic desire to organize inevitably led to the holding of the first meeting on August 9, 1980 under the joint leadership of Lejo C. Brana, ChE’57, and the late Fil A. Reyes, ChE’59. The first election of officers was held at Bayland Park on October 25, 1980 which resulted in a seven-member Board of Directors. The members of the Board chose among themselves the officers of the organization. The Constitution and By-Laws of the organization was ratified in a general meeting on December 14, 1980. It was amended on May 14, 1995 to suit the needs of the growing membership and the organization’s other goals and objectives.

TAMA prides itself as one of the oldest Fil-Am organizations in Texas having produced the following list of 14 administrations since its founding in 1980:

1st Administration (1981-1982):
Billy Vergara, CE’64 (President); Ed Adriano, CE’64 (Vice-President).

2nd Administration (1983-1984):
Benny Jorque, CE’59 (President); Larry Chan, EE’57/ME’58 (Vice-President).

3rd Administration (1985-1986):
Jerry Bulaclac, AR’61 (President); Toots Febre, CE’65 (Vice-President).

4th Administration (1987-1988):
Norma Benzon, AR’70 (President); Sal Dipasupil, CE’63 (Vice-President).

5th Administration (1989-1990):
Dan Tecson, ChE’68 (President); Lito Clarete, EE’70 (Vice-President).

6th Administration (1991-1992):
Sal Dipasupil, CE’63 (President); Bert Vicerra, CE’66 (Vice-President).

7th Administration (1993-1994):
Pepito Beltran, ME’63 (President); Larry Chan, EE’57/ME’58 (Vice-President).

8th Administration (1995-1996):
Flor Guinhawa, ChE’68 (President); Larry Chan, EE’57/ME’58(Vice-President).

9th Administration (1997-1998):
Art Butic, CE’66 (President); Larry Chan, EE’57/ME’58 (Vice-President).

10th Administration (1999-2000):
Cesar Suguitan, EE’69 (President); Leo Paguio, CE’67 (Vice-President).

11th Administration (2001-2003):
Joe Mallari, ME’72 (President); Toots Febre, CE’65 (Vice-President).

12th Administration (2004-2005):
Renato Arellano, ME’65 (President); Jun Dimalaluan, CE’86 (Vice-President).

13th Administration (2006-2007):
Rudy Gonzales, ME’67 (President); Jimmy Canlas, ChE’72 (Vice-President).

14th Administration (2008-2009):
Bert Vicerra, CE’66 (President); Jimmy Canlas, ChE’72 (Vice-President).

Each administration gave its wholehearted and utmost commitment in serving the organization. The late Billy Vergara laid out a strong foundation in steering the organization from its humble beginnings. The late Benny Jorque spearheaded the Scholarship Program for deserving Mapua Institute of Technology students and book donations to the Alma Mater in 1984. Jerry Bulaclac fervently ensured that these projects were continued during his tenure. It soon become a tradition for the succeeding administrations to carry on this worthy cause save for the book drive which was replaced by the calculator give away to students as initiated by Cesar Suguitan in 2002.

Norma Benzon started the “Salute to the Graduates” in 1987, an annual program honoring children of TAMA members who graduated in high school or college. During Dan Tecson’s tenure, TAMA hosted the National Convention of Mapua Alumni in 1989. Sal Dipasupil manifested TAMA’s hospitality by giving a warm reception for the late Oscar B. Mapua Sr. during his visit in 1991. Art Butic did the same when Oscar B. Mapua Jr. visited TAMA in 1997. Art also started the Scholarship Endowment with the goal of ultimately creating a perpetual fund for the scholarship program from the earnings (interests or dividends) of the fund. Pepito Beltran and Flor Guinhawa promoted harmonious relationship with the other professional and civic organizations by holding joint celebrations of TAMA’s major affairs and activities.

TAMA experienced the lowest point of its existence when it can’t find a president to lead the organization during the general meeting of membership in 2000. At the last part of 2001, Joe Mallari stepped up to the plate and saved TAMA by taking over the reins of the organization. As a result, his term of office lasted for 3 years, which perhaps will remain a record as the longest president’s tenure in TAMA’s history. During Deacon Renato Arellano’s tenure, TAMA rebuilt significantly. His aggressive membership and fund-raising drives helped the organization acquire a big increase in membership and generate substantial funds for the scholarship. Rudy Gonzales and Bert Vicerra kept the fire burning by carrying on the scholarship, technical seminars and calculator give-away programs that their predecessors implemented. Bert Vicerra’s administration took TAMA in spotlight within the Mapua alumni community by hosting the MapuaWorld 2009 Grand Reunion on March 12-15, 2009.